Most people going to open houses are those who want to buy a home immediately. They’re not window shopping but this doesn’t mean you can’t.

Browsing homes in-person by way of open houses – whether you are in the market to buy or not – is an exploratory process and can be extremely helpful in the long-term. Looking at homes, you may discover something you never knew you wanted and/or may uncover things you thought were important that, in fact, you could do without.

While you want to respect the open house process and not monopolize the listing agent’s time with unnecessary questions, here is why looking at open houses can make you smarter on your home-buying journey.

Become A More Skilled Home Shopper

There are no HD photos in an open house. Everything is bare and exposed for you to see, positive and negative.

When you see the real, unedited home, it’s a chance to gain experience knowing what to look for before you enter in to your buying phase. You can compare what you saw in the ad to the reality and walk through an open house at your own pace. Quickly, you figure out how to spot what’s suspicious, not accurate, or misleading.

Discover Your Likes And Dislikes

As you attend open houses, it really gives you the opportunity to understand your likes and dislikes.

If you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, you ascertain a lot of information “trying on” different homes. Being able to touch, see, and feel different rooms, it only adds to your skills and background. When it comes time to engage in a real search, you’ll know exactly what you’re targeting.

Get To Know Different Neighborhoods

Even if you’ve lived in Toronto your entire life, you may not know the present of certain neighborhoods.

Lots of open houses give you a look at different areas. A lot of times, would-be buyers discover gems and areas they really enjoy simply by exploring open houses. It also allows you to explore certain lifestyles depending on the neighborhood and how feasible living in a specific spot would be for you.

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Learn More About What’s Affordable

An open house gives you full exposure to all sorts of features and amenities, providing a full glimpse into what’s affordable.

Especially when it comes to going to certain neighborhoods, such as South Etobicoke, you can see the difference between what you can buy there compared to downtown Toronto. This compare-and-contrast reinforces what’s realistic under your budget as well and gives you a baseline on what to expect for what you have saved for a down-payment.

Open Houses Are Just Plain Fun

In addition to all this, open houses are fun. They let you explore, ask questions, learn about the local market, and more.

When there is no pressure to buy, you can browse open houses endlessly and really get a sense of what sort of home you want to invest in for the future. Every viewing you go to can be an opportunity to learn and have fun.

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