It’s a complicated process to sell a home. The thought of trying to sell your home without a real estate agent might seem advantageous to some, however, there is a lot that can go wrong when you don’t have an agent there.

Yes, you can save on having to pay a real estate agent a commission. However, there’s a lot an agent does that sellers do not realize and their expertise can be extremely beneficial when trying to nab the greatest offer possible for your home.

Many property owners selling without a realtor end up having to put in a lot more time and work, and for most people, that’s not feasible. In fact, it can put you at a major disadvantage in several ways.

Here are the risks of selling your home without a real estate agent.

Market Conditions Change

Your home is more likely to stay on the market longer without a real estate agent doing the heavy lifting.

The longer it does, the more likely you will be caught up in changing market conditions that you have to respond to, in terms of asking price and the like.

It Puts Economic Stress On You

Without a real estate agent, you’re under more economic stress having to do it all.

Selling a house can quickly turn into a full-time job, from studying how to set the right asking price to preparing the home for sale, marketing the listing, showing the home, reviewing and negotiating offers, and not to mention the significant amount of paperwork.

Economically, if something happens in your finances that puts you at risk of being in a bad spot, you may be more willing to accept a fast offer that is not necessarily everything you could get for your asset.

You Lose Time Flexibility

Handling the real estate transaction yourself, you need to have the time flexibility to take calls, schedule viewings, negotiate offers, and be available for those types of events and communications.

For people who already have a busy schedule and/or who aren’t comfortable with that level of interaction, this might not be possible.

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Real Estate Agents Will Get The Word Out

A real estate agent knows where to post your property online and offline to get views from interested buyers.

They also know how to structure the posting, what information needs to be included, and can arrange everything from writing the ad copy to getting HD photos and a video tour prepared. Without an agent, you’re doing all this yourself and it likely won’t be nearly as expertly crafted.

The result of a real estate agent’s work is a property selling for anywhere from 10-30% more than a home sold by the owner.

You’re On Your Own

Worst of all, you’re on your own with no realtor there. Anything that comes up, you have to figure it out yourself.

With such a large asset on your hands, this isn’t fun. There could be misunderstood legal matters, safety concerns, negotiating tactics that you do not know how to respond to, or promises and commitments you don’t know how to fulfill.

With a real estate agent, you have someone that’s experienced. They’ve seen ups and downs in selling properties. They can guide you when the unexpected happens. They know how to handle buyers and can help you navigate around issues as they arise.

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