Q + A with Mark Camilleri – RBC Wealth Management 

Adrian met Mark at a house we were selling a few years ago and sharing the love of Arcade Fire, Soccer & Vintage Sports cars, they instantly became friends. He didn’t end up buying that house but eventually we found him the perfect home to share with his new wife Sandra. We also found out we have mutual friends via the RBC channel. Such a small world! A Wealth Management Investment Advisor is not an easy job.  Mark shares his insight to the current market situation and how to navigate through these interesting times. 

Q. Mark, tell us a bit about yourself and what you do for fun?

A. I enjoy hanging out with my wife and dog to relax.  When I am not doing that I play soccer, listen to my vintage record player and ride my 1977 motorcycle.  

Q. What made you interested in becoming an Investment Advisor?

A. I got a job as an assistant to an Investment Advisor a long time ago, and that changed my whole career projection.  From that point on, I knew I wanted to become an Investment Advisor.  

Q. How did you manage to move up the ranks so quick at a young age?

A. I was very ambitious and knew what I wanted to do early on.  With that goal in mind, I made sure my banking career path led to where I am at now. 

Q. Is there a difference between a regular Financial Advisor and someone that works in an Investment Advisor role in Wealth Management, like yourself?

A. Yes, as an Investment Advisor, we look at every aspect of the client’s financial picture; from RRSPs to a client’s Will and Estate plan.

Q. What are some of the most popular questions your clients are asking these days?

A. 1: Will my family and I be ok? and 2: What are the markets going to do?

Q. What piece of advice are you giving your clients these days?

A. Stick to the Financial Plan that we made prior to all this happening.  This is the blueprint that will guide you through good times and most importantly trying times in the market.

Q. Any predictions on the markets?

A. I believe the worst is behind us, with that being said time for jubilation isn’t here either.  The road to a new norm will take time, but with proper planning your investments should have survived the volatility we have been going through.  

Q. Are you mobile as well?

A. Yes, and I have included online reviews and presentations to my practice as well.

Q. How are you managing the business during COVID 19? Has your work stopped, delayed, or even been cancelled because of the pandemic?

A. My business has continued throughout the pandemic.  More now than ever, client’s need to be taken care of. 

Q. Do you think the pandemic will change the way you do business?

A. It already has; whether it be Zoom, or WebEx these are tools that I used sparingly, however, now they are an integral part of my business.  

Q. Any books, blogs, influencers that you love and can recommend?

A. Three books that had a big influence on my business are: Willing Wisdom – Thomas William, Stalled – Michael Hlinka and The Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham.  I also read the newspaper every day. 

Q. Now on to some personal questions. You have lived in Etobicoke your whole life and recently purchased a home near where you grew up. What do you love about Etobicoke?

A. It’s home to me.  Everything you need is close in proximity, and there is a ton of green space to enjoy.  A really nice place to start a family.   

Q. You have some nice suits! Who is your stylist?

A. To be honest, I am my only stylist. My wife, also helps in keeping me dapper, so I can’t take all the praise.

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us Mark!

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