Q + A with Tammy McIntosh, Trainer, F45 New Toronto + Pilates Instructor

Q. What do you love most about personal training?
A. There isn’t only one answer to this question for me; but if I had to choose just one moment that cements in my heart that I’m do what I’m supposed to be doing it would be
when a client finds the courage, motivation, determination, when they identify WHY they are doing what they’re doing and push past their self doubt, self imposed or physical limitations and surpass their own expectations of them selves. This moment in my past experience can sometimes involve tears, and gratitude, but its one of my favourite moments because I get to tell them that that I did nothing but remind them that “you can do it!”

Q. Other than training at F45 New Toronto, where else do you train/teach?
A. In the past few years, I have worked in several wonderful studios and gyms that allowed me to be part of their team. However, in the last month I’ve made some changes that have narrowed my focus to the areas that occupy the most real estate in my heart. Most of my time is spent at F45 New Toronto and Alive Yoga & Fitness. Pilates was my first love so I will always make time for it and teach several times a week. I maintain my own private clients and I work with seniors quarterly at the West Toronto Diabetes Education Program for 10 weeks at a time.

Q. What is your one piece of advice you’d give to people on why they should be active?
A. Outside of the obvious health benefits there is a whole other side of it, overall well being- it’s not just about your physique, living a healthy lifestyle feeds your mind, your body and your soul, they are all interconnected to form a solid foundation for a healthy mind and happy life. If one of the trifectas is compromised, everything crumbles. Personally, if I’m having a hard time finding the answers, and I mean that in a metaphysical sense, a workout help clear my mind of the noise just enough help me find my answers.

Q. How long have you lived in Mimico? What’s your fave thing about living here?
A. I lived in Mimico as a child when I first immigrated here from Trinidad, and often walk past the house I lived in. As an adult, I moved here just over 9 years ago, and I have watched Mimico grow so much in that time. Again, a multi-answer question. We are the perfect mix of city and suburbs in my opinion, the walkability was my favourite as a mom of young kids in the summer months. Mimico is melting pot with all walks of life, it’s charm in my opinion is best appreciated if you’re able to pause and listen to the sounds of the waves along the lakeshore with a gentle hum of city sounds behind you.

Q. What do you like to do in your spare time?
A. Would it be too easy to say work out? Running along the lake is one of my favourite things to do. If my kids are on their bikes they make or good pacers. I’m not easy to pin down since I have such a dynamic schedule, but I love seeing something for the first time, so I love to explore. Some of my favourite memories, not involving my children involve going in and out of old shops, touching and smelling old beech wood and imagining new purposes for them. If there is an old salvage shop in town, expect to see me there.

Q. If people wanted to get in touch to start their fitness journey, how can they contact you?
A. I’m easily accessible via my Instagram @bodyandsoulfitess, or send an email to [email protected] since I spend the majority of my time there 🙂 Better yet pop into the studio and say hello!