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South Etobicoke Business of the Month

December 2, 2019 | Share:


Q+A with Cheray Corrado, Owner, Soap & Honour

Q. Tell us about your business Soap & Honour? Are you strictly online?

A. Soap & Honour is a very passionately ran, small home based company. Passion, that is the number one ingredient in Soap & Honour’s products. I absolutely love the process of adding creativity to each of my products. Along with safe, fresh clean products made from ingredients that all of us can use and feel great about on our skin. It all began in 2016, in my kitchen late one night under a full moon. From that point on it was set in stone, the magic of creating began. Each piece I create is filled with love and magic to soothe our bodies, souls and our minds. My sales mostly come from word of mouth, and returning customers. I sell in a few stores in the Distillery seasonally. But our main business is done online, through Instagram and a small shop on Etsy. There is a new website in the works, soon to be released in 2020.

Q. What made you want to start your business?

A. Many years ago I began another small company named Lilu, It was the beginning of it all for me. I made scrubs, body lotions and custom perfumes all made from essential oils. I started making these things for myself because I wanted a clean, chemical free product to use for myself but as people saw them there grew a demand for them. In turn, my small business was born. As time went by I grew from the company Lilu to Soap & Honour. At first my main focus was making soaps with toys inside and bath bombs for kids. My idea was to create a waste free loot bag for kid’s parties. I saw all the junk my son brought home from these parties, all just to be played with once then go to our landfills. From that point on I kept creating new items to add to my list of products.

Q. What products do you make?

A. Many different styles of soaps, with different themes. Some popular ones are Crystal soaps, which is soap that is cut to the shape of crystal. Various types of bars, with different scents and gorgeous colours. All of my products are made with essential oils. One of the fan favorites is the Magic Crystal Bars. They are a series unique styled soap bars with crystals embedded inside. I also make bathbombs, shower bombs, and personalized gifts for parties and loot bags for kids’ parties. Custom orders as well.

Q. How can people contact you for orders? Christmas is around the corner!

A. I can be reached on Instagram, phone, text or email. Since I make all the orders myself, and usually fresh to order the more lead-time I have the better. But I can always make the magic happen for my customers.

Email: [email protected]

Q. You are a Mimico resident, how long have you lived here and what do you love most about living here?

A. My family and I have lived in Mimico for 15 years. We had a five year planned, we are now at the point where we love it here and don’t want to leave. There are so many things that we love about Mimico, it really is growing so quickly. The community and the eclectic feel here is what really makes Mimico so unique. Truly so much character here!


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