Mimico is a neighbourhood that its residents love to call their own. An escape from the hustle and bustle of many other areas of Toronto, Mimico is a hidden gem along Lake Ontario that is easy to notice. It’s a dream area for nature lovers, cyclists, and those who are looking for their own private place to relax and be.

Here’s everything you need about life in Mimico and what it’s like to live here in this South Etobicoke community.

Waterfront Trails

Take your bicycle or get your best walking shoes on and hit the waterfront trail in Mimico. Lake Ontario’s right there! There is lots of outdoors to explore and cyclists absolutely love it there because you can explore for the entire day, touching upon the neighborhood’s many parks, enjoying access to the lake, and winding down bike paths everywhere.

Mimico Has Its Own Vibe

Mimico does not feel like you’re still in Toronto when you’re here. It’s one of the few places you can actually get some peace and quiet by the water. You have the Humber Bay Shores with its secluded beachfront and bike trails that just don’t match up with downtown Toronto. When you reach the lake front and see the view of the Toronto skyline, you realize just how different Mimico is.

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Local Amenities Galore

Mimico is known for its strong community feel, tree lined streets, lake side trail, parks, restaurants, hot pizza spots, and the critically adored San Remo Bakery. Monte’s Premium Meats is also a newer place many come that many enjoy its exclusive offerings. You have plenty of independent restaurants and bakeries within a short distance, with everything from breakfast essentials to Indian, Spanish, Italian, Thai and classic pub food.

Recreational Opportunities

Dive into lakeside parks and enjoy a picnic, a stroll with your dog, or catch up with friends outside in the Toronto summer. The Waterfront Trail may be the big attraction but you also have the Ourland Park, Memorial Park, Amos Waites Park, and more. There is no shortage of places to explore in Mimico for all ages, with recreational activities left and right to try.

Diverse Housing Options

Mimico has a number of types of housing, from single-family detached homes to condos with lake views. See classic Toronto homes, custom built modern homes, renovated homes that were originally crafted as far back as the 1920s, and more. A lot of these have the benefit of being on large lots and are more affordable than other parts of Toronto. These days, Mimico is attracting a lot of young families which has spurred more renovations and improvements but without negatively impacting the historical charm of the neighbourhood.

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Easy Access To Downtown

Downtown Toronto is easy to reach by way of transit or commuting. It’s a short drive if you own a car, a GO Train ride at Mimico station which can take you over to Union Station in 15 minutes, or take the streetcar along Lake Shore. The access to other parts of Toronto is incredible but when you just want to hang out in Mimico, you’ve got lots to enjoy. 

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