Home staging strategies and home décor trends can help a homeowner sell their home faster while highlighting a property’s best qualities to potential buyers. This is why staging is so popular among realtors and real estate investors.

Though some trends come and go, in designing and styling your home for a real estate sale, your concern should be what works for your property. Every home is different. Lean into its natural charm.

Done right, décor tells a story. Here are some of the top home décor trends in 2023 to help you create memorable, warm spaces in your home and capture the right buyer.

Warm, Natural Textures And Materials

No one wants to walk through a home that feels cold and disconnected. Warm, inviting materials and textures can be found in home décor made from wood, stone, glass, metal, and organic plants. These materials are adaptable to more rustic, classic looks to super trendy, high-class aesthetics.

Unpredictable, Interesting Centerpieces

In a living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen, you may want some kind of decor centrepiece for a talking point or to tie a look together. A small tabletop-sized piece that’s one-of-a-kind and unpredictably interesting can help add a lot to a room. You don’t want it larger than it needs to be but something small and unique will add just the right amount of personality.

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Minimalist Layouts And Minimalist Designs

Minimalism has long dominated home décor, interior design, and real estate staging in Toronto. Removing clutter from the home is a large aspect of minimalist staging and décor. After you remove personal items and unnecessary décor, what you’re left with is hopefully something simpler and easier for a potential buyer to see themselves living in.

Open Floor Plans Divided Into Smaller Spaces

Take an open floor space and use key décor, i.e. area rugs and furniture, to create smaller sections. This is how you can divide up a big room into having a home office, a home entertainment area, a home gym, a play area for the kids, or more.

Why Neutral Colors Are Important In Staging

Neutral colors are easy to understand, adaptable to all sorts of home décor styles, and they strip away all the unnecessary noise. If your home isn’t already dressed in neutral tones, consider repainting the walls or bringing in furniture that is stylishly neutral.

Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Fabrics

Throws, blankets, and fabrics in the home are following the same trend we are seeing in vehicles and food. People want to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. For inexpensive sustainable fabrics, you may be able to find some vintage pieces through thrift stores for very little.

Dark Academia Aesthetics

Your home may already have a décor style that suits it naturally based on how it’s built. As more people are working from home these days, creating a home office with a dark academia aesthetic is trendy. A warm, dark, and studious place that’s professional and reflective is a welcome addition to the layout and staging of any property.

The Bottom Line

When in doubt, follow the natural patterns and rhythms already present in your home. Keep minimalism in mind and pursue what feels natural.

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