Every move-up buyer has different needs, wants, and priorities. Your dream home or ideal forever home might not look like your best friend’s or your neighbour’s.

Chances are your starter home is not your dream home, either. For very few, it is. As homeowners continue investing in their real estate, building equity, and saving money, eventually they reach a point where they can afford a larger or better property. These are move-up buyers.

You are a move-up buyer if you’re someone who is planning to buy to increase your quality of life. It could stem from a work promotion, changing preferences and/or needs, outgrowing their present home, or accommodating a growing family. For any number of reasons, a person may want to leave one home and move into another.

For people searching for their next move, here is why now’s the time to become a move-up buyer.

There Are Lots Of Move-Up Homes In Etobicoke

A move-up home is any home that meets your current needs or that upgrades your lifestyle.

A lot of first-time home buyers in Toronto buy a condo and then wish to move into semi-detached or detached housing for an equally affordable cost. In Etobicoke, dozens of excellent move-up properties are extremely affordable when compared to other areas of Toronto.

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There Is Less Competition For Move-Up Homes

Move-up buyers have more income and equity since purchasing their first home. They typically look at properties with a higher budget that prices out the majority of first-time homebuyers. Even in a tight market, there is less competition for move-up homes.

Especially presently when there are tight restrictions on mortgages and interest rates remain what they are, all of this means less competition.

Homes For Sale: Turnkey Or Renovator’s Dream?

A move-up buyer usually looks for a turnkey home and while there are many available, a home that requires an update can also be advantageous as it provides you the chance to choose the renovation style yourself.

There are pros and cons to each option – turnkey and renovations.

Move-Up Buyers’ Favourite Features Are Found Plentiful In Etobicoke

South Etobicoke homes for sale will show you lots of common needs and wants of move-up buyers met.

These properties have lots of space inside and out, larger rooms than other homes in Toronto, and ultimately square footage to actually enjoy life. Things aren’t so cramped here and the hustle is found elsewhere in other neighborhoods. This part of Etobicoke is somewhere you can truly call home.

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You Can Plan Your Future Lifestyle With A Move-Up Home

Move-up buyers will find in Etobicoke a bigger place and a more valued location, with a real community, safety, and quietness.

Especially for families, this is a part of Toronto with less crime and a desired school district. You also have lots of recreational opportunities, parks and greenery, and Lake Ontario right there within walking distance. If you’re living in an undesirable part of the GTA or aren’t happy with your present neighbourhood, there are better out there and with properties for sale right now to look at.

Invest your cash and equity in a new property, and find the right home for you. There are dozens available all across Etobicoke, providing you with an escape from Toronto. Reach out to us at (416) 319-6893 or email info@adrianandrea.com today!