South Etobicoke, a vibrant community nestled along the shores of Lake Ontario in Toronto, is home to several diverse neighborhoods, each with its own unique charm and character. Among these gems are Mimico and New Toronto, two neighboring communities that offer distinct experiences for residents and visitors alike.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the differences between Mimico and New Toronto, exploring their histories, amenities, and atmospheres to help you navigate and appreciate these wonderful locales.

Often times the two neighbourhoods of Mimico and New Toronto are thought to be the same. For consumers looking to move into the area there are some differences to mention.


Although very close in proximity to each other New Toronto has a defined area between Kipling Ave and Dwight Ave to the east and south of New Toronto Street to Lake Ontario. Lake Shore Blvd splits the neighbourhood into north and south sections where the south pocket being more desirable because of the proximity to the lake. If you want to break it down even further, the neighbours will mention that south of Morrison is even more popular!

Mimico is divided into a number of pockets. Old Mimico is located south of the railway tracks and divided in the middle by Royal York Rd. The East side of Royal York is considerd more desirable because of the century old tree lined streets, large character homes and proximity to the Lake. Mimico Village is located north of the tracks to Evans Ave. that consists of a variety of condos, commercial, rental apartments and houses. It has been more popular in recent years especially on the east side of Royal York because the price point tends to be a touch lower. Also, the influx of new boutiques and restaurants and the very famous SanRemo Bakery.

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New Toronto consists mostly of Craftsmen style detached homes and war time bungalows. The lots sizes are typically 25 x 125 with mutual driveways being very common. In recent years, builders are buying up 1 or 2 lots and tearing down the old home to construct large modern homes.

The west side pocket closest to New Toronto and features mostly war time bungalows and new infill projects. Mimico proper south of the tracks features a mix of large century homes, 1950’s craftsmen 2 story homes, bungalows and townhomes. Mimico Village is located north of the tracks to Evans Ave. that consists of a mix of bungalows, low rise apartments and new infill projects. Large lots with multi million dollar mansions line Lake Shore Blvd between Royal York Rd and Miles Crescent.


Mimico features a variety of large and small parks in all the pockets with the newest 12 acre Grand Ave Park  just completed 2 years ago. Amo’s Waites arguably attracts the most visitors as it hosts events all year round, features and outdoor pool and splashpad and a trail along the lake that connects to downtown. New Toronto is connected to Colonel Sam Smith Park that is always busy with college students, bird watchers and activity seekers. An outdoor rink during the winter attracts crowds from all over.

Lake Shore Blvd West runs though both neighbourhoods making them ideal for those that prefer to walk for their shopping and service needs. Both areas have a full selection of grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, doctors, dentists, pharmacies, hardware and variety stores.

For Mimico residents, walking to Mimico GO train is an added bonus.

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New Toronto and Mimico both have public and catholic elementary school and daycare options the suit your needs. French Immersion, Extended French and regular English streams are offered. For High School the feeder schools are Lakeshore Collegiete Institute and Father John Redmond with options to apply to out of bound specialty programs.

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