Working with a local realtor should be one of your first steps in your real estate buying or selling process. Here are top 5 reasons to work with a local realtor.


1. Knows Micro Market Well

A local realtor will be knowledgeable about current inventory, what type of homes are available, what properties are selling for, and the average days on market. They will also know the local real estate agents which will help potentially viewing properties that are selling off market (exclusive) or before they hit the market. A local realtor may have sold your home multiple times in the past or the one you’re interested in buying. They can also market your home specifically to the right demographic or feature. 


2. Knows the Streets/ Different Neighbourhoods/ Schools

Living and working in the local markets can help buyers and sellers because they know the best pockets of a neighbourhood, the preferred streets and the school catchments. These are very important factors when buying or selling a home. One side of the street may have a different school catchment. There may be new land developments that can either hurt or help resale values, your lifestyle or even the times you leave or return from work. Resale values may be better in one particular pocket than another. It’s a local realtor’s job to know this information.


3. Pulse on Community / Lifestyle

There’s more to a realtor then just living and working in the community. Realtors love to support the local businesses and often feature and promote them. Moving to a new home is more then just real estate. It’s a lifestyle change. Recommending schools, restaurants, parks, shops and general  information about the community is something that a local agent will do. They know where the locals hangout and also spots they avoid.


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4. Can Recommend Local Trusted Services / Professionals

Whether it be a local handyman, lawyer, accountant, landscaper a local realtor with have a database of contacts to help you during the moving process and even after you close. They are very connected to the community and will have established relationships with trustworthy professionals.


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5. Stress Free Experience

For sellers, having a local real estate team can make the process stress free. Monitoring your home, showing your home to last minute requests, attend emergencies (i.e  inaccessible lockbox, appliance repairs, cleanup etc..) and last minute fixes before listing are just some of the benefits of working with a local realtor. They live in the neighbourhood and will drop everything they are doing to help with your needs. Most local realtors will know the product in the area and will know how to price your home and what strategies to use to get you the most money. 

For Buyers, in this competitive market with low inventory viewing homes on the same day is almost necessary. A local realtor will know the current inventory, the average prices for the type of homes, determine if they are in a good location and may have a relationship with the listing agent if they work in the same area which can benefit the negotiation process. 


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